The Ultimate Road Trip Essentials Checklist

Friday, 10th August 2018
Ultimate Roadtrip Essentials - John Pye

Get all your family and friends together and make the most of this sunny weather by enjoying an epic road trip this summer. Don’t break the bank on all your travel essentials and be a savvy traveller with John Pye this summertime!

Whether you’re taking a short break in the UK or going further afield – we’re here to make sure you’re prepared with our ultimate road trip essentials checklist.


Mobile Phone for Travel Essentials - John Pye

Mobile Phone and Accessories

Before heading off on your own #roadtrip make sure you’re prepared with equally epic entertainment. CDs are less frequently used nowadays, with phones being the main source of entertainment. Ensure that all your music/podcasts etc are also available offline to keep your on-the-road playlist available even in instances of signal dips and to keep your data usage low and your phone bill down!

Make sure you also have the vital charging equipment, including your car adapters! Possibly investing in an extra long charger to reach your resident backseat DJ! We have loads of electronics in our auctions each week for you to check out.

Water for travel essentials - John Pye

Food and Water

Pack all your favourite snacks and drinks (none alcoholic of course) for the ride! Bringing snacks that don’t need to be chilled are a good idea, such as crisps and biscuits. Buying them on the road can be expensive – especially when buying when hungry so be sure to stock up beforehand.

John Pye Top Tip – taking your own refillable water bottles and coffee cups can save you a fortune! You can get free water from anywhere and if you go a step further and bring your own coffee and sugar – most coffee shops now give away free hot water too! Save your funds not just the environment.

Blankets for Travel Essentials - John Pye

Blanket and Pillow

Stay comfy by preparing your very own makeshift bed. Don’t miss out on any of the amazing stops on your road trip – take the driving in turns to make sure you’re safe on the road and if travelling solo, stay in a hotel or B&B overnight so you’re not tired at the wheel.

If you get stuck in traffic or break down – those of you who are lucky enough to not be driving can close your eyes and wake up when you’re traveling again!

Maps for travel essentials - John Pye

Sat Nav and Maps

You may not always be lucky enough to have a master navigator in the car with you so a Sat Nav is the next best thing. Be sure to download your maps and familiarise yourself with any new roads or roadworks on your route prior to setting off to make sure your journey is as seamless as possible! Check through our online auctions for a range of Sat Navs.

Breakdown problems - John Pye

Breakdown Essentials

In the unfortunate case of a breakdown you need to be prepared. Before you leave make sure you’ve packed everything you need to make repairs yourself – for example a tyre repair kit and oil or spare fuel. Also make sure you have any local breakdown cover/contacts in case the repairs are beyond your skills and you get stranded on the side of the road – a real road trip killer!

be prepared

Regulation Check List

If you’re travelling further afield make sure you check any regulations for the country you are travelling too – for example, in France they insist you have a high-vis jacket and a reflective triangle in your car.

John Pye Top Tip – Make a list of every regulation and everything you will need for each country you’re planning on travelling too and check our weekly online auctions for deals on car products.

Currency, Driving Licence and Passports

Having your driving licence to hand goes without saying. If you’re heading to the continent or further afield don’t drive all the way there and get stopped at the border! Before you set off, triple check you have your passport on you. Be travel savvy by making sure you have the correct currency for toll bridges and crossings is key also – saves a lot of hassle and those pesky currency charges!

Finally… A car!

If you’re planning on going taking a long road trip this summer and your car is not up to it – check out our vehicle auctions. We have a large range of vehicles coming through our auctions weekly. From sports car for top-down driving in the countryside, estate cars for the whole family or a camper van for ultimate comfort! We have all of these at great prices.


What are you waiting for? Get your #travelessentials ready and embark on your next adventure!

Loved this article? Remember to also check out our top 5 campervan holidays and our guide to the best days out in Nottinghamshire for further tips and suggestions on how truly be a savvy traveller and, if you are travelling during the coldest months, don’t forget to get your car winter ready.

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