The Ultimate #SavvyStudent Checklist

Friday, 14th September 2018
The Ultimate University Checklist


So, you’re finally going to University and before embarking on a long car journey, you’re trying to frantically decide what you will need to bring with you.

After all, this is the next big step of your life and you’ll want to be ready. New experiences are always very exciting but can also end up being stressful if you are unprepared.

Whether you’ll be staying in halls or in a shared house, we’ve got you covered with a long list of things you honestly can’t survive without.
This September be a #SavvyStudent and follow our top tips to start your university life in the best possible way.

Remember to regularly check our auctions, you’ll find all the essentials you need to start the year without becoming just another student horror story!


John Pye Top Tips:

• Don’t be that last-minute packing person, give yourself plenty of time to organise your things and think about everything you’ll need!

• You’re not moving to another planet. Remove those shampoos, shower gels and conditioners from your suitcase. You can buy them anywhere!

• Make copies (many copies) of your most important documents.

• Bring shower shoes/flip-flops – you will thank us later.

The Ultimate University Checklist

Pimp My Bedroom


Serious studying (read partying) will require some serious hours of sleep. Lots of it. Make sure you have all the essentials to hand: sheets, a couple of duvet sets and pillows with pillowcases.

If you’re looking for some added comfort, add some extras like a mattress topper and LOADS of extra cushions and blankets (you’ll be wanting the extra warmth – most of the times student halls are cold and we all know there is nothing worse than trying to sleep whilst even the penguins in your room are flying South ☺).

Remember to take some other useful bits for your bedroom: a desk lamp, clothes hangers and a mini iron and ironing board.

Personalising your space is a rite of passage for students! Hang picture frames of home or friends and even posters – get creative!

If you don’t have much space, think about investing in a good bookcase for your reading and lectures’ material.


The Ultimate University Checklist

Student Wines and Dines


Yes, we know, it’s very tempting to consider living on ready meals and takeaways during your Uni life, but cooking your own food is much healthier and it will save you a lot of money.

Pans, utensils and kitchen accessories will help you discover your hidden culinary skills. You’ll just need to do a quick Google Search to find delicious recipes on a budget.

Note: Not all university halls will provide you with a kettle and a toaster, so it’s worth keeping an eye on our current kitchen stock deals in case you ever need one!

Remember to clean – shocking news: the dishes aren’t going to do themselves! 😉


The Ultimate University Checklist

Studying Time Has Come


Okay, enough about sleeping and eating – let’s not forget the main reason you’re here at Uni! You need to get that degree and planning study time for each of your modules is the best way to achieve it.

Every good student needs some essential and helpful tech tools to stay on track with deadlines!

The Ultimate University Checklist

Laptop: Visit our retail auctions and try to get your hand on one of these: it will become the center of your study, admin and entertainment routines all at once.

Remember your Netflix subscription as well: yes, you’ll need to study but from time to time, you can watch a movie or a tv show, mostly to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

If you love gaming, remember the consoles, TV and headphones you may want in your room – be careful not too procrastinate too much with those almost-due essays!

The Ultimate University Checklist

Printer: Some student halls will already provide you with printing facilities but let’s be honest, their printing charges are raised every year and it’s always more and more difficult to find a working printer that you won’t have to queue for an hour or so for before using.

So, get yourself one of those little helpers at our weekly retail auctions and never worry about printing something ever again!

You’re now ready to start Uni with all your essentials. If you want more suggestions on how to spruce up your room, remember to also check our guide on how to decorate on a budget.

We wish you an amazing academic year and amongst all these essentials remember to bring with you the most important ingredient: courage!



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