Television Jargon Buster

Friday, 24th November 2017
John Pye Auctions Televisions
John Pye Auctions Televisions

When buying a television it is easy to get bogged down by jargon and acronyms.

This short guide will help to explain what is meant by certain terms and why you should care.


4K vs Ultra High Definition
These are terms used by manufacturers to describe the next generation of clarity for TV’s and is replacing Full HD as the pinnacle of TV technology. 4K and UHD screens have four times as many pixels as Full HD televisions.

They relate to the resolution of the display, that is the quality of the image, and despite some subtle differences the terms are often used interchangeably.

Currently there isn’t a lot of 4K or UHD content available, however as the technology becomes more common this will change.


This stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. On an OLED TV the pixels are made up of tiny light emitting diodes (LEDs), which produce light when supplied with electricity.

Because the electrical current to individual diodes can be controlled it is possible create a ‘perfect black’ on an OLED TV. This means that the ‘contrast ratio’ (the difference between black and white) is huge. ‘Contrast Ratio’ is important for recreating more lifelike images.


High Dynamic Range TV’s boast better contrast, greater brightness and a wider colour palette.

All this means a far more enjoyable viewing experience for the consumer.


Smart TV
Smart TV’s connect to your home internet and give you access to a wider range of entertainment options including Netflix, BBC iPlayer and YouTube.


Processing Rate
Televisions display consecutive images, at a high rate, in order to make up what you see on the screen. For smoother images look for TV’s with a higher processing rate (measured in hertz/Hz).

High processing rates are important for watching fast moving footage, like football or action films.


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