After a Sentimental Gift For The Festive Season?

Tuesday, 14th November 2017

A Mid Victorian Turquoise and Red Gem Snake Necklace. Designed As a Textured Snake Head, With Circular-Shape Red Gem Eyes, Turquoise Crest and Graduated Snake-Link Chain, Suspending A Heart-Shape Turquoise Drop (Replacement Clasp). Total Length: 44.5cm. Weight: 17.69G

After a sentimental gift for the festive season? We are pleased to present in our forthcoming Bond Street Jewellery auction a unique token of love from yesteryear. This sweet turquoise necklace is designed as a coiled snake, suspending a heart-shape dropper from its mouth.

Dating back to circa 1860, this piece was no doubt intended as sentimental. Motifs of snakes were commonplace ever since the Georgian times, and those circling their own tail were known as ouroboros. The notion of the serpent in a never-ending circle signified an eternal bond between the giver and the recipient of the jewellery, making these snake-themed pieces incredibly popular tokens of love. They grew in popularity following the example of Queen Victoria, who had a snake engagement ring!


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