Gift Guide: The Best Watch For His Style

Monday, 2nd July 2018

All watches, however luxury, are not created equal. And given the serious investment element of buying watches for him, it’s worth reading through our guide to see which fits best with your gent’s personal style. After all, exchanging and pondering a #luxurywatch that he’s not too sure about can be rather, well, time consuming.

Our years of experience in the market dictate that basically, there are three types of watch-lovers that emerge when it comes to men and their timepieces, which hopefully helps to simplify things.

A watch is a powerful tool that not only provides the wearer with the capacity to tell time but also communicates a personal sense of style perhaps more than any other accessory. Hence, it’s important to find the right one, particularly when looking for gift watches for him.

(Please note that images below are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of our auction watches. Head over to our luxury auctions for our full auction catalogue.)

Cartier Classic Automatic

Cartier Automatic – Classic Style

The first man is Mr Discreet.
He’s quiet when it comes to luxury and boasting about his achievements (actually, he never boasts), he is confident in who he is, and is generally conservative in style and the way he lives.

He’s humble, minimalist and comfortable in his skin. This reflects in fairly classic, normcore wear, and as a rule of thumb – no Rolex for this guy. He appreciates good craftsmanship and horological engineering, but he dislikes anything that could be perceived as flash. The best watches for him would be discreet luxury brands of course.

Namely, thinking-man’s watch brand IWC, certain models from Cartier or Breguet, and niche houses such as Nomos or Alpina.

Rolex Perpetual Date – Submariner

And then there’s his opposite, Mr Alpha Male.
This man is not afraid of a little bling to let others know, and to remind himself every now and then, why he’s winning at life.

You’ll know this is your guy because he tends to be a bit obsessed with his hair, tailoring in general, owns a pair of monkstraps, a good selection of linen shirts for summer hols, and has geek-level knowledge of cocktails.

He’s never met a gold bezel he hasn’t liked, so opt for the harder-hitting luxury brands such as Audemars Piguet, Bulgari and Rolex when thinking of watches for him.

Omega Seamaster – Professional Chronometer

We’ll call the last type, The Athlete.
You’ll know this sporty fellow is your guy because he’s never really there. Ever-elusive, he’s always training for a Tough Mudder, up early for calisthenics or jumping rope in the corner, timing himself and ignoring you. Of course, he’s fit as a racehorse so you don’t really mind.
Even when in businesswear, there’s an undercurrent of functionality and utility to this guy’s style, so he’ll love any watch with a chronograph. A chronograph watch is simply a timepiece that can be used as a stopwatch in addition to its standard display capabilities, and will have dials that keep track of seconds, minutes and hours. A feature sure to delight your performance-driven fellow. Most luxury watch brands create a chronograph model, with the Rolex Submariner being one of the best.

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