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Home and garden surplus stock presents many logistical challenges since most of the items within this retail category is classed as ‘two-man-lift’ product.

The items are bulky and heavy by nature, take up the greatest amount of storage and sales space, often need assembling to display and can be costly to transport around retail networks to and from customers.

Since 2012 John Pye Auctions has built a UK network with this product at the forefront of our site expansion considerations, acquiring and developing large format auction sites and salerooms big enough to handle national stock holdings from some of the UK’s largest furniture home and garden retailers.

These instructions have amounted to tens of thousands of furniture products from each client, who now plug John Pye Auctions into their annual UK distribution centre peak clearance support strategy.

Our robust network of UK hubs across England, Scotland and Wales – offering over 600,000 sq. ft. of secure indoor auction saleroom and stock holding space – provides a safety valve mechanism for our clients to be able to move large stock holdings at peak periods to regain critical warehousing space for new season and higher margin products to front line sales.

Not only are John Pye Auction sites and salerooms large enough to support such volumes, many have also been developed to an auction showroom standard unsurpassed within the UK, which presents our clients’ stock in the best secondary market environment.

Furthermore, John Pye Auctions have more than 40 trained and fully qualified forklift drivers across the our Uk sites to safely manage high volumes of inbound furniture stock deliveries, with more than qty 1,000 x 40ft trailers a year despatched to John Pye Auctions.

Once unloaded and on-site our trained ex-joiners and cabinet makers working in our salerooms assemble items and make good any units to realise higher values at auction.  


Department Contacts

Tom Fishwick
Head of Client Account Management
0115 970 60 60
[email protected]
Business Development Department
0115 970 60 60
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