Choosing The Right Watch

Wednesday, 3rd May 2017

Purchasing a luxury time piece should not be done on a whim! Investing your time in looking at various brands, models, sizes and functions will help you choose wisely. Here at John Pye we offer a fantastic range of watches to suit everyone’s tastes. By working through this check list, you are sure to purchase a timepiece that will stand the test of time.

Size matters. The diameter of your wrist should be in proportion to the size of the dial. Too large and a dial can swamp you and too small can give a more feminine appearance.

The guidelines are:

6inch – 38mm or less

6.5inch – 40mm

7inch – 42mm

7.5mm – 45mm

The thickness of the case should be in correlation to the diameter as does the width of the bracelet. As a rule of thumb the bracelet should be half the width of the diameter of the case. This should help in maintaining a well-proportioned watch to the wearer.

Purpose. Ask yourself what you want the watch for. Is it for aesthetic reasons, particular hobby, sport or to wear on special occasions?  Would you like a day or evening watch or a good all-rounder? Think about the features and functions the watch may have to offer. It is worth remembering the more complications the watch has the higher the price tag.

Movement. There are three main watch types. Quartz, Automatic and Manual Wind. They are all relatively easy to maintain but be prepared to keep them serviced throughout their lifetime. It is thought quartz watches are the most accurate but many favour the self-sufficient automatic.

Sporty v Dress watch. Sports watches offer many features such as chronometers, tachymeters, water resistance and dual timing. They tend to be chunkier in size and designed for purpose of their sport. Dress watches have a more modest appearance. Slimmer and more streamline with minimal complications and quite often come with gold casing, creating a more classic demeanour.

Straps. A detail which can quite often be overlooked. Think about your life style and when you will be wearing your watch. Leather straps can become easily worn and dirty when subjected to vigorous wear. Metal straps suit those with a more active nature as grease and sweat can easily be cleaned with minimal fuss. With bracelets that are made of gold it is recommended to keep them fitted tight, loose wear will cause them to stretch far quicker.

Colour and Quirkiness. Buying a luxury watch does not come cheap. Be mindful that fashions change, opting for something rather garish and unique may not suit your tastes in years to come. Watches make wonderful investments and should be treated as such. Ideally you should look to get the maximum enjoyment from your purchase for the longest time possible.

Try before you buy. All our watch sales offer the opportunity for you to come and view and try the watches on beforehand. It is highly recommended but If you are unable to attend our experts are always on hand to answer any queries you may have.

Ultimately it boils down to personnel preference. Never buy in haste and always do your research in-order to find the best time piece that suits you.

Check out our upcoming watch auctions which offer a full range of fashion watches to high end luxury classics.

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