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The Never Ending Student Discount!

Moving out for university is a BIG deal. Not just for students but for the whole family. Being prepared is a must and you need to have all the essentials to survive. Student life is full of unexpected surprises and there’s always those things you need but can’t afford.

Find The Right Sofa For Your Home

Struggling to find the right sofa for your home? At John Pye we have the variety and volume of stock, so whether you’re looking for a leather sofa, a corner sofa or one with a bit more character, you're sure to find what you're looking for!

Top 6 Common MOT Failures and How To Avoid Them

Here are our 6 tips for avoiding some of the most common MOT failures.

Emeralds To Make You Green With Envy

We are pleased to offer a collection of five impressive loose emeralds. Each gemstone weighs in excess of two carats, and possesses the distinctive and ever-captivating rich green hue that has fascinated people for centuries. This green colour is caused by traces of chromium and vanadium present inside the emeralds crystal structure. Surprisingly, aquamar...

And The Winner Is...

Our Easter radio competition, in conjunction with Forth 1, was a huge success. The John Pye Auctions brand was heard about on the airwaves up and down the River Forth in the run up to the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. The competition to win an Apple iPad, GoPro Hero, FitBit and an Amazon Echo Dot attracted over 1,500 entries!

Your Guide To Choosing An Engagement Ring

Asking someone’s hand in marriage is a momentous occasion in your life. Here at John Pye Luxury, we recognise that choosing an engagement ring can be a daunting affair. Follow our easy guide and you will be sure to pick out the perfect ring for that special lady in your life.

Sports Day 2017

John Pye Auctions request the pleasure of your company at the Clients and Associates Sport Networking All Day Event at the Nottingham Forest City Ground, Friday 19th May 2017. One of the best playing surfaces in the country awaits your boots. Are you ready?

What's Your Birthstone?

Birthstones are often a key factor in deciding which sort of jewellery buyers will be drawn to. Throughout the year, birthstones dictate which sort of gemstones sell most favourably. This ancient convention is even cited in the Bible, with passages that allocate coloured stones to months, despite the identity of the stones remaining a mystery.

Caring For Your Watch

Having now purchased your luxury time piece, it is worth taking the time in familiarising yourself with how the features work, read the manual and understand the mechanism. Here is a guide on how to care for your watch and preserve its longevity.

How To Spot A Fake Watch

As luxury watches become increasingly expensive many people can find themselves priced outside the market. Fake watches are the most mass produced item on the globe, and the counterfeit watch market is showing no signs of slowing. As fake watches become more advanced and harder to spot they become ever more appealing to those who simply cannot afford the...

Things To Look Out For When Buying Coloured Gemstones

Before viewing prospective gemstones, think about your reasons for potentially purchasing one, as this could inform your choices. Are you purchasing a gemstone to mount into a piece of jewellery?

How To Find The Perfect Piece of Jewellery

Try on as many different styles as possible! It is important to get an idea of what colour metal, stones and designs suit you – so use our viewing days at Marchington and Bond Street to try out as many styles and variations that appeal to you so you can see which styles complement you perfectly.

How To Care For Your Jewellery

So, you’ve purchased your item of jewellery from one of our online sales, but how do you care for your new purchase to maximise sparkle, shine and most importantly the amount of time you can wear and enjoy it for? Here are our top tips to ensure your items stay in good condition for years to come:

Choosing The Right Watch

Purchasing a luxury time piece should not be done on a whim! Investing your time in looking at various brands, models, sizes and functions will help you choose wisely. Here at John Pye we offer a fantastic range of watches to suit everyone’s tastes. By working through this check list, you are sure to purchase a timepiece that will stand the test of time.

Complimentary Valuation Service

Our Luxury Asset team can arrange your complimentary valuation service for you at our Luxury Assets Suite located at our Marchington auction hub. Our in-house team of experts will carefully examine your watch and jewellery items and give you a verbal appraisal of the item, including an idea of the value we would expect the piece to fetch when sold at auct...

Signed Star Wars Memorabilia for Sale at Online Auction

In this week’s memorabilia auction John Pye Luxury Assets features a ‘Darth Vader’ helmet, signed by the actor who played the Sith Lord in the original trilogy - Dave Prowse.

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