Caring For Your Watch

Wednesday, 3rd May 2017

Having now purchased your luxury time piece, it is worth taking the time in familiarising yourself with how the features work, read the manual and understand the mechanism. Here is a guide on how to care for your watch and preserve its longevity.

Regular Servicing. As you would a car, it is important to get your watch serviced to make sure the mechanism is correctly lubricated and the seals are still watertight. It is recommended automatic and mechanical watches should be serviced 3-5 years and quartz watches every 2-3yrs. Never wait for the watch to become faulty! It is more expensive to fix a broken watch than it is to maintain a working one and always have a service from a reputable watchmaker.

Cleaning.  A watch can be easily cleaned with a watch cloth to get rid of any grease or dirt. For areas such as the strap and clasp a simple toothbrush and warm water can effectively do the job. Avoid harsh chemicals and understand the watches water resistance. With leather straps, it is best to wipe with a damp cloth and maintain with a leather wax to prevent drying out and cracking.

Wear with care. Although extremely robust watches are still susceptible to damage if abused by the wearer. Sapphire glass can still chip and shatter and knocks to the crown can be detrimental for the mechanism. Keep your watch away from magnets and avoid long exposures to sunlight as this can cause colours to fade and shorten battery life.

Keep Watertight. Always make sure you screw down the crown properly as moisture can get in to watch causing it to rust inside and steam up on the dial. Never open the back of the watch yourself, in doing so will no longer make it waterproof.

Storage.  When your watch is not being worn always store in its presentation box. If the watch did not come with one then place it in a box by itself to prevent it from scratches and knocks. Avoid storing near heaters and pay attention to watches with mother of pearl dials as these can dry out and crack if mistreated.

Understand your mechanism. Automatic watches tend to have a power reserve for around 48hrs so if worn regularly will require little looking after. Never leave a dead battery in a quartz watch as they can leak and will cause catastrophic damage. If the watch is mechanical it is recommended to wind it at regular intervals daily but do not overwind as this can snap the springs. Recognising the resistance in the wind will help prevent this.

Keep it original. Any modifications you make on a luxury watch can severely diminish its value and will also limit your servicing options.

Care for your watch correctly, not only will it maintain its optimum precision but will last you a life time.

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