How To Care For Your Jewellery

Wednesday, 3rd May 2017

So, you’ve purchased your item of jewellery from one of our online sales, but how do you care for your new purchase to maximise sparkle, shine and most importantly the amount of time you can wear and enjoy it for? Here are our top tips to ensure your items stay in good condition for years to come:


Always try to store jewellery gem-side up, and untangled in a jewellery box.

Do not mix soft stones with other pieces of jewellery: stones that are softer, such as Opals, emeralds, tanzanites and zircons, are highly likely to be scratched by other pieces of jewellery in storage. Be careful to store these separately, away from metal claws and brooch pins that could cause scratching to the surface of the stone.


  • The best way to clean most gemstone-set jewellery is with some warm water and a toothbrush, particularly for diamond-set jewellery, which is notorious for picking up grease to the stones’ surface from hand creams, perfumes and day to day wear
  • Do NOT put emeralds, rubies, treated diamonds or opals in an ultrasonic cleaner – these stones are generally not stable enough to withstand the vibrations of an ultrasonic machine so even if you purchase one for your (untreated) diamonds – avoid cleaning coloured gemstones!
  • A good polish from a reputable jeweller is often a way to revive a scratched or worn piece, particularly gold ring bands, bangles and signet rings

Regularly check the condition of your items.

  • For all gem-set items, regularly inspect the setting of the stones – if the stone appears loose in the setting, make sure you get the item to a jeweller for repair straight away.
  • Be aware of the condition of the stones. If you have a piece with a gemstone that has cracks, is fractured, or has a lot of scratches and nicks to the surface, save this piece for best and avoid everyday wear in order to protect the stones from knocks and further damage
  • For rings, check the condition of the claws, the thickness and colour of the ring band. Through the passage of time ring bands can ‘thin’ and wear, so it is important to monitor this to avoid splitting.
  • Store chains and necklaces separately, so as to avoid tangling and potential snapping when trying to unravel the pieces.

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